Undo: the Real – Losing your consistency with the time passed since the departure. Reading a few fragments, feeding the jellyfish. – You turn the machine on, then off – then on, this time “on” is different, and it wasn’t you who turned it on. The Real – Take the train, but not in order to link one place to another: in order to maximize the distance between them, disconnect them. All of a sudden you find yourself at an equal distance from the moments of the past (links no longer in chains). – Caesura. – A man who received the Nobel Prize in medicine said: “The organism is nothing but a transition.” – Undo: the Transition – You’re free to link any of those moments together with your new “nows”. – A new transition? – Undo the Borromeo knot of the symbolic, the real and the imaginary. Undo the transition; make the transition into an undoing? – I would like to do something to reach the cryptobiotic thought. – The jellyfish on the beach. Stoic subsistence. Its motionless body is a gaze, a perspective on everything (me), everything moved by an internal principle (a transitional being, any jellyfish would tell you that). I know that look: it9s the spiteful one of a camel (a desert is nothing, you’re even less). – Even less is pure excess. – No metabolism/Messianic time. – Undone. Here it comes.

Gernot Wieland
ich, es, es, ich, Mamma, ich, 2009
Papier, Klebeband, Heftklammern
22 x 40 x 40 cm