The antipodes

Härmed publicerar tsnoK sin första on-lineutställning. Det är Theodor Ringborg som har curerat en utställning på temat konst som är upp och ner, eller snarare: som visar saker upp och ner. Inspirationen, som Theodor skriver om nedan, kommer från en teaterpjäs,The Antipodes, som också är namnet på utställningen. Ytterligare en utställningstext finns här, Medusas huvud (axlar, knä och tår) av Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen. Enjoy!

The Antipodes
– or the world turned upside down –

The theatre play The Antipodes – or the world turned upside down written and published c. 1640 by Richard Brome enjoys a complex and intricate plot predicated on the protagonist Peregrine’s fixation with travel books. When turning toward an insane obsessive compulsion for travel, Peregrine is given an anesthetic by his doctor and allocated to a neighboring house. When he later wakes he is fooled into believing that he has been transported to the ends of the earth, and a play is acted out before him representing the manners of the Antipodes — a place where everything is contrary to what it usual is. Peregrine is crowned king of this place with the doctors hopes that he will cure himself in the mist of sorting its complex chaos. Peregrine eventually regains his self-respect, he re-falls in love with his wife, comes to his senses, and is cured. In his reign over a world turned upside down Peregrine fathoms to a greater extent his usual circumstances that leads him to enlightenment. Here, by transporting mind and psyche to a fantasy world, Brome shows theatre as a healing art.