It´s Not Easy, Ken Montgomery

ken - its not easy

Artist statement.
I need more time to give a polished statement about what I do because I am very dedicated to not knowing what I`m doing as a force of sudden creative explosion and as a rebellion to the ”know what you´re doing world”.

From the Gallerist.
I am very proud to present Ken Montgomery at The Archive Gallery. He is also known as Gen Ken, Egnekn and The Minister of Lamination.

This is a presentation of a visual work, but he might mostly be recognized as a sound artist (noise music) and for his performances (very often including a laminator). When we see Ken Montgomery´s beautiful Lamination Machine we understand that this is a very own way of working and a very open attitude of art. Yes, it is about art, but even more about everything around us. Ken Montgomery just have to open his eyes in the morning I believe, or the newspaper and in the same moment art starts to happen! And Ken Montgomery seems to work always. For example when I had a meeting with him, I got my very own card for a time clock, so meanwhile we were sitting and talking some kind of work was going on at the same time. Meetings is not just for fun; the chat and laughing is also a way of working. Or. The work is fun. So you see; Ken Montgomery is just brilliant.

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. Art is Throwing Money Out The Window. Something is Happening! How much more I could do if I didn´t have to sleep! Lifeless guitar feedback with themes of death, pornography, nazism, etc.used to hide lack of ideas. Generator, a physical gallery / exhibition space, existed in the East Village and in Chelsea(1989-1929).

It´s Not Easy.
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Websites. (art is throwing money out the window)

Marja-leena Sillanpää
Stockholm (NYC) January 2014