Arkivgalleriet presenterar Laura Kikauka

laura kikauka

The Archive Gallery is proud to present ”Half Full” with the dazzling Canadian artist Laura Kikauka. To see Laura Kikaukas work makes me smile (with color in the eye) and to meet her is even more stimulating in many exciting ways (with color in the brain, and the heart too).

Together with Laura Kikauka we find the deafening thunder and the beautiful lightning which lit up the scene of heaven as a supernatural dream. If I try to embrace the whole work of Laura Kikauka it would remind me of a rainbow, but it is difficult to photograph the complete semicircle of a rainbow in one frame.

Seven days a week.
Love meter zowiee.
Devil horns.
Dance party.
World beauty.
Playing cards.
Under the sheets.
Dirty words.
Penis pasta.
Moods in Music.
Golf tease.
Gummy boobs.
Jolly jumping.
Super water gun.
It´s fun.
Mullet wig.
Sex wax.
A touch of blue.
Undercover safari.
Vibration massager.
Oh yeah baby.
Bumps and grinds.
In wonderland.
In death.
Pornox special.
In the moog.
Warm and tender.
Dance dance dance.
Stereo moods.
The love hours.
Silver screen.
Tit bits.
Go for it.
Rings and things.
Ole ala lee.
Percussion at work.
Fantasy garden.
Hallo camel toe.
Sin glasses.
A Gangster.
A Hell of a Woman.
Chic Chic.
Heart Thromb.
Honolulu Honky Tonk.
Pipe Organ Magic.
Gods and Goddesses.
Mood meter.
Go to bar.
Puffs and pins.
Pu pu pants.
The hot one.
Wig chim stray.
Wiched eye.
Love spray.
And the stars too.

Marja-leena Sillanpää
Meaford Ontario Canada, august 2014